Leading Legacy Impact • May 26 - June 1, 2019

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Ignite the heart, nourish the soul, and inspire the mind.


How do you answer the question: What’s the unique contribution I’ve made in my career?


Most likely your Executive Integral Leadership experience has encouraged you to ponder a lifetime of unveiling the legacy you intend as a lasting contribution, the difference you want your values to make in the world for the greater good.  Many leaders find themselves asking, “Where do I locate my legacy, and how do I know I am actually leaving the world, my community or my organization better than when I first began to lead?” 

We will not develop the mind at the expense of the heart.
                                                                - Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C.

                                                                  Founder, University of Notre Dame

The Mendoza College of Business’ Stayer Center for Executive Education is pleased to partner with renowned Irish social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Alan Kerins and the Inner Winner Institute to provide you with, in Alan’s words, “a unique and authentic journey to Africa to give you time and space to reassess your life and gain a new clarity, vision, purpose, and focus.”  This life-changing experience in Zambia, Africa will challenge you in ways that push you to explore and understand your core values and to ask "what's the legacy I will leave behind?"



This advanced leadership program, which builds upon the work you started in Executive Integral Leadership at Notre Dame, is designed to place your legacy inside a story, a story that has been evolving from within, a story that captures the life you are living and the way you are learning to lead now.

What makes this “advanced integral program” different is depth of the inquiry and the storytelling that is both the method for their experiential learning and the container of their legacy.   
                                                                  - Mel Dowdy, Program Faculty

Leading Legacy Impact is offering you a highly experiential and authentic week-long journey to Africa that begins with a personal inventory of your leadership experience.  From this inquiry will come a crystallization of the patterns you have observed for how leadership, as you live it and teach it, makes a difference. You will have the opportunity to articulate a clear vision of the results you are currently seeking to be a part of your legacy.  And, the essential question of legacy, how are you teaching the next generation to lead from the inside-out?


Our focus for the week will be on igniting the heart, nourishing the soul, and inspiring the mind so that you can reach your maximum potential in all areas of your life.  The experience will help you to think deeply about how you see yourself as a leader and how you can make the world a better place.  You will interact with inspirational people and communities who have very little, yet seem to be happy and are working to become prepared to make a difference.  You will see how social entrepreneurship can make a difference in the lives of people every day and how it provides a sense of hope and purpose by giving people the dignity of work.  You will experience the world in powerful and new ways that will stretch your thinking and touch your soul.

“I am so pleased to partner with Alan Kerins, his foundation, and his Inner Winner Institute to design and deliver this exciting program.  It allows us to provide a next step in the journey you began during the Executive Integral Leadership experience at Notre Dame.  It provides the opportunity to explore and discover the lasting impact you want to make.  It will help you take take that most difficult step of making a difference in the world.  I invite you to join us for this once in a lifetime experience on May 26 - June 1, 2019.  It will be an experience you will never forget.”
                                                             - Paul Slaggert, Director
                                                               Stayer Center for Executive Education

For more information, contact Paul Slaggert, Director of the Stayer Center for Executive Education at pslagger@nd.edu or 574-631-4856 to start this exciting journey.   

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